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Our services will be sought by the current school and in consultation with parents/carers. A Positive Impact Academy referral form will then be completed by the current school with all the relevant documentation attached. If the young person is not in education or is home schooled, the parent/carer must go through the local authority admissions.


The referral form will be received by the Positive Impact Academy and reviewed by the Head of the Academy and the Senior Leadership Team. If we feel we can meet the needs of the young person, the Positive Impact Academy will then begin the next stage of the admissions process. 


A member of the Senior Leadership Team and/or the Head of the Academy will conduct a home visit to meet both the young person and parents/carers. At this stage we will explain what our provision consists of and answer any questions they might have. At this stage we will consider and offer our pastoral, counselling and SEND support as part of the provision.


The young person and/or parents/carers will attend a site visit lead by a member of the Senior Leadership Team and/or the Head of the Academy. At this stage the young person will meet their Education Mentor and start to discuss an individualised timetable.

We will then organise some baseline testing in order to gain a better understanding of the needs and gaps in education for each young person. Upon the completion of these, taster sessions will be organised to transition the young person into the Positive Impact Academy.

Once all the above has taken place, a start date will be confirmed with the young person, parents/carers and the referrers.

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